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Translation and interpreting are our passion therefore our business is not just an activity measured by the profit it brings. Success to us means the satisfaction of our customers and a thank-you call or email for professional and smooth translation work goes beyond the benefit of a few more digits in the bank.

We have been involved in  translation and interpreting since 1999. Over these 11 years we have been monitoring a market that has become increasingly competitive and by maintaining a continuous improvement in terms of expertise and technical support we endeavour to meet the varying demands of our customers. We believe that translators and interpreters are like wine: the older i.e more experienced – the better.

Modus Operandi

We do our utmost to operate in a reliable and prompt manner and have a flexible approach as regards our system of rates. We listen to our Customers, advising them on choosing optimum solutions and providing them with estimates of expenditure.

Our goal is to identify clearly the terms and conditions of the cooperation in order to make it mutually satisfying. We aim to define customer needs, doing the job we have been commissioned to do and moving aside.

We are truly convinced that localization business should respect diplomacy, tact, confidentiality and trade secrecy.

What we never do and never will do.

We do not handle those assignments when we are not familiar with the subject. We find it less than professional to correct materials that have been allegedly translated, and in such cases prefer to either withdraw or even direct customers to competitors than jeopardize our brand and reputation. Furthermore we will not, for instance, promise to translate 100 pages by the next day if our key translators are off on vacation.

We realize that every language has its own character which incorporates individual styles both in relation to syntax and styles and conventions as well as its semantic dimension, and therefore will not exercise poetic licence unless asked.

We do not exaggerate, insert additional material, neither do we skip, nor  inflate statistics. Legal papers are not treated as poems, fiction is not stripped of its inner richness of epithets.

It is therefore with respect to the above that we take pride in mentioning that several dozen domestic and foreign organizations trust our plain and transparent rules and, moreover, we would invite you to join this distinguished circle.

Always at your disposal,

Tomasz Stelmach

They trusted us